Why "The Long Road Before Us"?

May 18, 2019 20:02 · 371 words · 2 minute read homeschooling mom life special needs parenting

I was 18 years old and 32 weeks pregnant. I had switched to a new obgyn and it was my first appointment with her. I was having an ultrasound with the ultrasound tech left the room. She came back and said I’d have to come back after lunch to talk to the doctor. I had no clue that meant something was wrong. I was young, naive and assumed it was standard. I still remember the following hours,days,and months like they were yesterday. I was overwhelmed and scared at what was to come. I could not imagine my life ever feeling normal again. The future was scary because I did not know what it held for my unborn daughter.

However, the past decade has been anything but horrible. While there have been many ups and downs, I would not change a thing. When I was trying to come up with a blog name seven years ago, those feelings came to mind.

Life, even without a special needs child, is similar to a road. There are going to be times when the road is straight. Everything is going smoothly. It’s hard to believe that the road could suddenly change but there it is, a sudden curve that throws things off balance. You have to slow down before you wreck. Then the road may be straight again for awhile before it gets bumpy. Life is hectic and intense with what feels like no end in sight. You feel like you are just holding on and trying to get past the bumpy part. Splits in the road where you have to decide which way you want to go. No road is 100% perfect. Such is life.

I’m a big believer in being honest about this parenting journey. It’s not easy. Life isn’t 100% easy for anyone on this planet. However, I feel that when we talk about it together, it feels a lot less lonely. Motherhood is hard and can be incredibly isolating. The great thing about the internet in 2019 is that you don’t have to feel alone. You can find your tribe online!

I’m so excited for all the ideas I have to share with you! Look for a new post very soon!

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